Professional Waxing Supplies

The Barneys range of wax supplies has a solution to suit all skin types.

In conjunction with one of the world’s leading Wax manufacturers, Barneys has developed a high quality and easy to use range of hair removal wax. All wax has been thoroughly tested, and manufacturing practices are internationally certified to be of the highest standards.

After years of first hand salon experience, only the best wax is acceptable to carry the Barneys brand. All wax is developed and formulated using only the highest quality ingredients and manufacturing methods to ensure that client experience and results are exceptional. Barneys wax is manufactured in Australia and is NOT tested on animals.

Barneys range of waxes has been designed to suit every skin and hair type, sensitive, short hair, course or fine hair and includes: Platinum Wax, Strawberries & Cream Wax, Olive Oil Wax and Indigo Blue Wax.