Barneys Strawberry Strip Wax - 800ml

Barneys 800g SKU: B1133
Barneys Strawberry Strip Wax - 800ml

Barneys Strawberry Strip Wax - 800ml

Barneys 800g SKU: B1133
  • Hypoallergenic for all skin types
  • Ideal for fine to coarse hair
  • 800ml microwaveble pot

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Barneys Strawberry Strip Wax provides an amazing grip and brilliant results every time. Our Strawberry scented wax is available in everyone’s much loved strip wax format!

Ideal for use on fine to coarse hair on sensitive areas.

Its flexible and consistent formulation ensures the perfect application whilst added benefits of Titanium Dioxide reduces redness during treatment. Plus, its easy to heat tub provides a fast and convenient heating option to maximise treatment setup. Simply heat in the microwave and slip into your wax warmer.* No mess or fuss, as you remove from your wax warmer anytime with minimal clean up!

  • Lusciously scented
  • Creamy Formula
  • Titanium Dioxide aids in reducing redness of the skin
  • Fits most wax warmers
  • Flexible formulation
  • Effective grasp of hair
  • Easily transfers from microwave to pot
  • Made in Australia
  • Cruelty Free

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For Professional use only. This product is intended to be used by Professionally Trained Therapists and Practitioners only.