• Barneys After Waxing Oil Tea Tree - 250ml

Barneys After Waxing Oil Tea Tree - 250ml


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Barneys Professional After Wax Cleanser with Tea Tree Oil is the perfect post wax treatment for the entire body. 

Its unique dry formulation removes wax residue whilst providing superior emollience and quick absorption for a non-greasy feel.

Natural antiseptic properties of Tea Tree Oil will leave a clean and smooth finish and aid to prevent ingrown hair and bacteria from causing pustules and pimples.It's convenient 250ml size is perfect for retail.


• Natural Tea Tree Oil

• Soothe & condition skin

• Helps prevent ingrown hairs

• Gently removes wax residue

• Antiseptic Tea Tree properties

• Quick absorption into skin

• Made in Australia

• Cruelty Free

• Recyclable Packaging

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