Facial Bowls & Spatulas

19 products

19 products
Glass bowl for Facials
Glass Bowl for Facials - 20cm

20cm SKU: EMP008

Glass bowl for Masks
Glass Bowl for Masks - 14cm

14cm SKU: EMP006

Glass bowl for Manicure
Glass Bowl for Manicure - 12cm

12cm SKU: EMP005

Barneys Flexible Bowl for Masks - 130mm

13cm SKU: B2869

Out of stock
Glass Bowl for Ampoules - 9cm

9cm SKU: EMP003

Out of stock
Glass bowl for Ampoules
Glass Bowl for Ampoules - 7cm

7cm SKU: EMP002

Round Ceramic Mixing Dish
Round Ceramic Mixing Dish 7cm

7cm SKU: B2999a

Glass Bowl for Lash Tinting - 6cm

6cm SKU: EMP001

Dappen Dish Eyebrow/Eyelash Tint Mixing Bowl 2 Pack - Plastic

One Size SKU: 138102

Barneys Kidney Dish - Stainless Steel - 185mm

185x110x20mm SKU: B2878

Stainless Steel Kidney Dish - 17cm

17cm SKU: LRM018

Plastic Kidney Dish - Clear

700ml SKU: GM05-800

Autoclavable Plastic Bowl - Green - 30ml

60mm SKU: BOWLP60

Barneys Glass Dappen Dish - 9ml

One Size SKU: B2282

Barneys Disposable Dappen Dish - 100 Pack

One Size SKU: KW-004B

Plastic Spatula - White 19cm (5)
Barneys Plastic Spatula White 190mm (1 Pce)

19cm SKU: B2866