• Voesh 4 Step Pedi-in-a-Box Virgin Olive Oil

Voesh 4 Step Pedi-in-a-Box Olive Sensation


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Olive Sensation with Virgin Olive Oil
Extra virgin olive oil contains vitamin A and E which helps to repair and renew skin that has been overexposed to the sun

Raise your salon standards.
Experience aromatherapy in the most convenient and hygienic way.
Individualise the treatment for your client by choosing from 10 pedi in a box packs, each tailored to a concern.
100% Paraben and Triclosan Free
Hygienic & always Fresh

4 Step Treatment
  • 1. All natural Sea Salt Soak - Detoxify & Deodorize
  • 2. Moisture Scrub - Exfoliate dead skin
  • 3. Mud Masque - Cleanse & Tighten the pores
  • 4. Massage Lotion - Hydrate & Soothe
  • Ideal for retail sales – RRP$12.95
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