Barneys Replacement File Pad for Plastic Foot File Paddle COARSE - 20 Pieces

Barneys #120 Coarse SKU: B3603
Replacement File Pad for Plastic Foot File Paddle

Barneys Replacement File Pad for Plastic Foot File Paddle COARSE - 20 Pieces

Barneys #120 Coarse SKU: B3603
  • Extra coarse grit #120
  • Easy peel & apply
  • Hygienic single-use
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Barneys Foot File Replacement Pad Extra Coarse Grit #120 comes in a cost effective pack of 20.

Designed specifically to enhance the results of your professional pedicure treatments. This extra coarse pad is perfect for tackling even the toughest calluses and rough skin, giving your clients the smooth, revitalized feet they deserve.

Offering a hygienic alternative in between pedicure treatments. Simply peel and stick to the Barneys Plastic Foot File Paddle!

  • Removes tough calluses
  • Hygienic single-use
  • Offers quick & easy replacement
  • Available in Fine Grit

Note: To ensure an optimal hygienic treatment for your client, the file pads must be replaced prior to using on the next client.

Extra Coarse Grit: Our Replacement File Pad features an extra coarse grit that quickly and efficiently removes stubborn calluses and rough skin, providing a professional-grade pedicure experience for your clients. With its abrasive surface, this pad is perfect for tackling the most challenging foot conditions, leaving your clients with soft, smooth skin that feels incredible.

Easy to Replace: Our file pad is designed to seamlessly attach to your Barneys Plastic Foot File Paddle. Simply remove the used pad, clean the paddle surface, and apply the new pad to ensure a fresh, clean tool for every client. This convenient system allows you to maintain a high level of efficiency in your salon.

Hygienic Solution: Ensure a clean and sanitary salon environment by regularly replacing your file pads. Barneys Replacement File Pad offers a hygienic and affordable solution to provide your clients with a safe and comfortable pedicure experience. Dispose of the used pad and replace it with a new one to guarantee optimal cleanliness and performance.

Enhance Your Pedicure Services: By incorporating Barneys Foot File Replacement Pad with Extra Coarse Grit into your salon toolkit, you'll be able to offer exceptional, professional pedicure treatments that keep your clients coming back for more. Show your clients that you're committed to providing the highest level of care and expertise by using the best tools in the industry.

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