Barneys Pre-Cut Foil Nail Wraps - Box of 100

Barneys 10cm x 7cm SKU: B3230
Pre-cut Foil Nail Wrap

Barneys Pre-Cut Foil Nail Wraps - Box of 100

Barneys 10cm x 7cm SKU: B3230
  • Compact design
  • 100mm x 70mm
  • 100 pieces

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Experience Effortless Nail Polish Removal with Barneys Pre-cut Foil Nail Wraps.

Specifically designed for professional nail salons, these high-quality wraps offer a quick, efficient, and mess-free solution for removing nail polish, gel, and acrylics.

The foil traps heat to stimulate quick product lift from the nail, ensuring fast and effective removal. The absorbent pads hold the nail remover within the foil, preventing leaks and maximizing removal.

  • Reduces acetone contact with skin
  • Absorbent cotton and folded seam prevent leaks
  • Soft foil for comfortable and snug fit
  • Traps heat for fast and effective removal

1. Saturate the absorbent cotton pad on the foil wrap with an appropriate nail product remover.

2. Place the saturated pad directly onto the nail.

3. Wrap the foil securely around the finger, ensuring a snug fit.

4. Allow the wrap to sit for the recommended time based on the product being removed.

5. Gently remove the wrap, applying pressure to the nail as you do so, and wipe away any remaining product.

Traps Heat for Quick Removal: Our Pre-cut Foil Nail Wrap is designed to trap heat, ensuring fast and effective removal of even the most stubborn nail products. Save time and effort while providing clients with a comfortable, hassle-free experience.

Reduces Acetone Contact with Skin: The innovative design of our foil nail wraps minimises skin exposure to acetone, reducing irritation and dryness. Keep your clients' skin protected and healthy throughout the removal process.

Absorbent Cotton and Folded Seam Prevents Leaks: Each foil nail wrap features a built-in absorbent cotton pad and a secure folded seam, preventing leaks and ensuring a clean, mess-free application. Avoid spills and maintain a professional, tidy workspace.

Soft Foil for a Snug Fit: Made from soft, flexible foil, our nail wraps easily conform to the shape of the nail, ensuring a snug fit and optimal coverage for efficient removal.

Generous Size: Measuring 10mm x 7mm, our Pre-cut Foil Nail Wraps provide ample coverage for nails of all shapes and sizes, making them suitable for a diverse range of clients.

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