NSI Builder Gel Kit

NSI Builder Gel Kit

NSI Builder Gel Kit

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Unleash your nail artistry with the NSI Builder Gel Kit, a comprehensive collection designed to elevate your nail sculpting experience. Crafted with precision and innovation, this kit equips you with essential tools to create stunning nails that stand out. From primer to cleanser, each product is meticulously chosen to ensure your creations exude excellence and style.

Rubber Base is a foundation gel like no other. You can extend and strengthen the natural nail, with the ease of applying gel polish. Once you finish applying rubber base, you have the perfect base for your nail art creations. Paint it with Polish Pro for a polished look or use 3D embellishments to wow a client. The Possibilities Are Endless.

Kit Contents:

  1. Primer: Lay the foundation for your nail creations with this essential primer, designed to enhance the adhesion of your gel application.
  2. Rubber Base Soak Off Gel In A Bottle – Clear – 15ml: Elevate your nail base with this clear soak-off gel, providing a strong foundation for your nail artistry.
  3. Rubber Base Soak Off Gel In A Bottle Opaque - Baby Pink – 15ml: Add a touch of elegance with this opaque baby pink soak-off gel, ensuring a pristine and refined base for your designs.
  4. Diamond Gel Top Coat Tack-Free – 15ml: Seal your creations with brilliance using this diamond gel top coat, offering a tack-free finish that enhances the longevity of your nail art.
  5. NSI Nail Tip Pack – Including Nail Tips, Nail Tip Cutter & Adhesive: This pack contains everything you need to create stunning nail extensions with ease.
  6. Clear Nail Forms – 100 Pieces: Sculpt nails with precision using these clear nail forms, ensuring accurate shaping and structure.
  7. Endurance Nail Buffer 180/240 Grit (Fine+XFine): Refine and smooth nails with this endurance nail buffer, featuring fine and extra-fine grits for a polished finish.
  8. Endurance Nail File 150/150 Grit (Medium): Shape and contour nails with this medium grit endurance nail file, delivering precise results.
  9. Endurance Nail File 100/100 Grit (coarse): Achieve initial shaping with this coarse grit endurance nail file, allowing you to sculpt nails with ease.
  10. Cleanse - Nail Cleanser - 250ml: Ensure impeccable nail hygiene with this nail cleanser, designed to prep nails for gel application.
  11. Nail Wipes 200 Pieces: Achieve pristine nails with these nail wipes, ideal for removing residues and ensuring a clean canvas.
  12. SUNUV x5 Plus LED/UV Nail Lamp 80W: Cure your nail creations efficiently with this 80W LED/UV nail lamp, designed for rapid and precise curing.
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