Nano Mister Handheld Humidifier For Lashes White

Barneys One Size SKU: SY1307
Nano Mister Handheld Humidifier For Lashes White

Nano Mister Handheld Humidifier For Lashes White

Barneys One Size SKU: SY1307
  • Rechargeable
  • White & gold styling
  • Aids in rapid curing process
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The Nano Mister Handheld Humidifier for Lashes in White is an essential tool for all lash technicians. This handy humidifier speeds up curing times for lash extensions, reducing drying time from 24-48 hours to just 4-10 hours!

This rapid curing process prevents fewer irritations and allergic reactions from fumes associated with lash adhesive. It also helps soothe and retain moisture around the delicate eye area, reducing dryness and redness.

Its compact design makes it portable and easy to carry around, ideal for the busy lash salon or makeup artist on the go! Simply fill the reservoir with distilled water, press the button, and hold the misting nozzle 10-12 inches from the face for approximately 30 seconds.

Invest in the Nano Mister Hand Held Humidifier today and make lash application a breeze!

  • Speed up curing time for lashes
  • Allows clients to get their lashes wet sooner!
  • Fewer irritations and reactions to fumes from lash adhesives
  • 37mm (W) x 100mm (L) x 15mm (D)

How to use your Nano Mister Handheld Humidifier

  • Make sure your nano mister is fully charged (using the USB cord)
  • Open the back of the device and remove the rubber stopper from the water tank
  • Fill the tank using ONLY distilled water (using tap water will clog the nozzle)
  • Place the rubber stopper back in the tank and close
  • Spray a controlled mist of water at the end of your treatment in a back-and-forth swaying motion across your client’s lashes.  The timer will turn off after 30 seconds which is the recommended time of use.
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