MODELROCK Luna Luxe - Double Layered Strip Lashes

Modelrock One Size SKU: MRL2886
MODELROCK Luna Luxe - Double Layered Strip Lashes

MODELROCK Luna Luxe - Double Layered Strip Lashes

Modelrock One Size SKU: MRL2886
  • For a doll-like wispy effect of
  • Ideal for almond or oriental eyes
  • Great for retail at $11.95

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MODELROCK Luna Luxe - Double Layered Strip Lashes

Style: For a doll-like wispy effect of thick and volumising lashes, enhanced with a liquid liner finish for added definition. Ideal for those who love thick lashes for everyday wear. A double-layered and glamorous style.

Shape: Ideal for almond or oriental eyes.

  • Super Flex liquid liner band effect
  • Made from 100% human hair
  • Double-layered voluminous result

MODELROCK is Australia's favourite premium faux lash brand. Their Signature Lash Range of strip lashes offer gorgeous everyday natural styles from subtle to dramatic. The Signature 'Double Layered' Collection is 100% handmade and vegan and cruelty free and is perfect for makeup artists.


Product Info

  • Lash Band Length = 2.9cm
  • Inner hair length = 7mm
  • Mid point hair length = 11mm
  • Outer corner hair length = 11mm

**Adhesive NOT included - Adhesive Can be purchased separately**

**Sizing charts are an indication of approximate length - as all of our lashes are 100% hand-made the length 'can' differ just slightly due to the hand-made nature of the product**

  1. Cleanse lashes from residue and makeup. Allow to fully dry.
  2. Apply a thin coat of clear mascara to clean lashes.
  3. Measure your strip lash against your eye and cut at the desired length.
  4. Apply a thin layer of lash glue along the lash strip.
  5. Allow the lash glue to slightly dry and become sticky in consistency. Wait approx 30 seconds, yet dab lightly to check consistency as varying room temperatures may vary wait time.
  6. Using a lash applicator or pair of lash tweezers, apply the lash strip to the base of your natural lashes (not on the skin of the eyelid) and press down firmly working from inner corner of the eye and lash strip and outward to the tip.
  7. Use your lash applicator to press lashes together with your natural lash to finish.

*Pro Tip: Finish with a clear mascara to bond natural lashes with the false lash to keep the true style and shape and a natural effect.

Made from 100% Natural Human Hair with our Super Flex invisible lash band - MODELROCK lashes are completely Hand-Made by our skilled Lash artisans team who have years and years of experience in the ART of creating beautiful faux eyelashes and thus gives the quality and consistency that MODELROCK are globally renowned for.

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