• Lycon LYCOtec Superberry Strip Wax - 800ml

Lycon LYCOtec Superberry Strip Wax - 800ml


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LYCOtec Superberry strip Wax with Titanium Dioxide, Micro Mica and a delicious Berry scent is a dream to wax with.

Applies super thinly and is extra gentle, Superberry leaves no sticky residue on skin and no redness. Excellent for large areas, such as legs, arms, chests and backs and ideal for sensitive areas, including Brazilians.
Workshop Includes: Product knowledge, Brazilian and Brow Styling Waxing demo & practical training with exclusive LYCON techniques, as well as sales & retail training.

LYCON Certificate will be issued. (Parental Approval is required for students under 18 years.)

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