• Lycon LYCO Cartridge Wax Kit With Heater

Lycon LYCO Cartridge Wax Kit With Heater


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Easy to work with, removes hair quickly and efficiently.

The perfect LYCON start up cartridge waxing kit, with LYCON۪s  famous cartridge strip wax formula_superior glide and leaves no sticky  residue.

  • White Cartridge Heater
  • SoBerry Delicious Strip Wax Cartridge 100ML
  • Olive Oil Strip Wax Cartridge 100ML
  • Active Gold Strip Wax Cartridge 100ML
  • LYCOtec White Strip Wax Cartridge 100ML
  • Epilace Waxing Strips 100PC
  • Lycon Lycotane Skin Cleanser 20ML
  • Lycon Tea Tree Perfect Lotion 20ML
  • Lycon Wax Solvent 20ML
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