• LLX Lash Lift Fast Set Boost & Care Lotion 3 - 10 Sachets

LLX Lash Lift Fast Set Boost & Care Lotion 3 - 10 Sachets

Lash eXtend

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The Fast Set Boost & Care Lotion 3 by Lash eXtend ensures a long-lasting result to your lash lifting treatment. It's nourishing ingredients of keratin and vitamins condition and work deeper into the root of the hair resulting in beautiful, long lasting and voluminous lashes.

Now conveniently packaged in 10 individually wrapped sachets, Lash Lift Fast Set Boost & Care Lotion 3 ensures minimal wastage and fresh product every time!  Add this to your lash lifting services to restore moisture to lashes.  The sachets include enough product for 10-20+ applications.


  • Keratin
  • Provitamin B5
  • Hyaluronic Acid

Processing Time:

Apply to lashes and leave for 24 hours to nourish, hydrate and prolong the lash lifting treatment.


Q & A’s

How many services can I perform with a Lash Lift Starter Kit?

10 – 20+ Treatments per pack.

How much do I charge per Lash Lifting Service?

$90 - $120 including Tint.  Depending on location and what other salons are charging. 

Will training be available for LLX Lash Lifting?

Up to date online training by Lash eXtend the company that has aslo created BLX Brow Lamination. There are two Downloadable videos covering a theory session as well as a step by step application process.  There is also a handbook both in hard copy and downloadable version that you can reprint if needed. Both the videos and the handbook form part of the LLX Introductory offer.

Barneys will also be offering training sessions at our Burwood (VIC) showroom. Please see our Training Page for more details.

What happens in a treatment?

Lashes are thoroughly cleaned, adhesive is then used to reposition your client’s natural lashes to silicone shields.  3 specially created solutions are applied to the lashes, the quantity of each solution and time is varied depending on the hair structure.  This process is then followed tinting.

Are there any aftercare procedures?

The Lash Lift will take approximately 24 hours to develop fully.  It is also recommended that treatments are not done late in the day as lashes may warp during the first night's sleep.                                     

  • No rubbing eyes
  • Keep the eyes dry
  • No eye cream
  • No mascara
  • No swimming
  • No saunas or steam baths or gym workouts

Are there any aftercare products?

For better and longer lasting results, there are

  • Lash eXtend Eyelash Treatment Brush
  • Lash eXtend Eyelash Wash Foam

About Lash eXtend

The Lash eXtend brand is exclusive to Barneys direct from Europe. Set out to help lash and brow professionals to create natural luscious lashes with a difference.

The Lash Lifting range offers innovative products formulated with Keratin and added vitamins that work deep into the root of the hair and results in a luscious appearance of the lashes. Different to any other brand in the market this range results in thicker and naturally-looking longer eyelashes for an effective statement of the eye.

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