Joiken Facial Massage Stones - 16 Pieces

Joiken One Size SKU: 453217
Joiken Facial Massage Stones - 16 Pieces

Joiken Facial Massage Stones - 16 Pieces

Joiken One Size SKU: 453217
  • 100% Natural Black Basalt
  • 16 Piece facial massage stone kit
  • Tension releasing benefits

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The Joiken Facial Massage Stones 16 Piece kit contains all the stones you need to ensure your clients receive a relaxing and tension releasing facial massage.

Basalt Hot Stones aid in relaxation whilst the marble stones assist your client to wake up at the end of the massage treatment.

  • Contains Basalt and Marble Stones (warm and cold therapy)
  • Provides a relaxing facial massage
  • Easy to use

Kit Includes:

  • 2 Medium Flat Ovular Basalt Stones (for neck)
  • 6 Small Flat Ovular Basalt Stones (2 x forehead and temple, 2 x crown, 2 x head)
  • 6 Small Circular Facial Basalt Stones
  • 2 Small Ovular White Marble (for cold stone therapy)
  • Blue Velvet Drawstring Bag for Storage

Heat stones to 55 degrees. Once they reach desired temperature, apply them to your client's skin in the area to be treated.

Pro Tip: Enwrap the stones with natural essential oils.

Features & Benefits

Basalt rock is originally found deep within a volcano where it gains all of its natural properties. The stones are rich with iron and magnesium, and excellent for holding heat for long periods of time. This stone type has very low radiation which makes this rock a much more healthy and beneficial stone for use.

  • 100% Natural Black Basalt
  • No Wax
  • No Dyestuff
  • No Chemicals
  • No Radiation
  • Increase Circulation
  • Vasodilation of Blood Vessels
  • Providing Important Energies
  • Increases cell Metabolism
  • Increase Pulse
  • Deep relaxation of muscles

For Professional use only. This product is intended to be used by Professionally Trained Therapists and Practitioners only.