Jax Wax Cooktown Orchid Beads - 12KG

Jax Wax Cooktown Orchid Beads - 12KG

Jax Wax Cooktown Orchid Beads - 12KG


Highly suited for Brazilian waxing

Perfect for sensitive skin

Contains no pine resins

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Introducing the Jax Wax Cooktown Orchid (formerly Angelic), a pure white wax used in salons globally for its easy application and effective hair removal. This wax, with a heavenly rose scent, is particularly suited for Brazilian waxing and is perfect for clients with sensitive skin. Formulated with titanium dioxide to reduce redness and stickiness, it is designed with super glide technology for ultra-fine application while still remaining pliable.

Jax Wax Cooktown Orchid is a fast-setting wax that offers superior hair removal, perfect for all types of stubborn hair, whether strong, coarse, fine or short. Its super glide technology allows for an ultra-fine application, ensuring a smooth and efficient waxing process.

This wax has been formulated without pine resin, making it an ideal choice for clients who typically experience sensitivity after waxing. The addition of titanium dioxide in the formulation helps to reduce redness and stickiness, further enhancing the comfort of the waxing experience.

As with all Jax Wax products, Cooktown Orchid is 100% Australian made, not tested on animals, and is vegan friendly. Its high-quality, synthetic composition and proven effectiveness make it a top choice for professional beauty salons worldwide.

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For Professional use only. This product is intended to be used by Professionally Trained Therapists and Practitioners only.