Jax Wax Cooktown (Angelic) Orchid Beads - 500g

Jax Wax 500g SKU: JWAHWCO500
Jax Wax Cooktown (Angelic) Orchid Beads - 500g

Jax Wax Cooktown (Angelic) Orchid Beads - 500g

Jax Wax 500g SKU: JWAHWCO500
  • Faster setting wax with super glide for ultra-fine application
  • Formulated without pine resin, perfect for clients who suffer sensitivity after waxing
  • Rose fragrance
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Jax Wax Cooktown (Angelic) Orchid Beads is a fast-setting wax, formulated without pine resin and designed for ultra-fine application. Its unique formulation ensures it remains pliable during application, ensuring a comfortable waxing experience. It carries a pleasant rose fragrance, enhancing the overall experience.

The Jax Wax Cooktown (Angelic) Orchid Beads is a standout product in the waxing industry. Its quick-setting nature combined with the super glide technology allows for an ultra-fine and smooth application. This makes the waxing process efficient and precise. Despite its quick-setting nature, the wax maintains a pliable texture that ensures a comfortable experience for clients.

A distinct feature of the Cooktown (Angelic) Orchid Beads is its formulation without pine resin. This is particularly beneficial for clients who tend to suffer from skin sensitivity after waxing. By eliminating pine resin from the formulation, the wax minimises the chance of post-waxing skin irritation, offering a soothing and comfortable waxing experience.

Like all Jax Wax products, the Cooktown (Angelic) Orchid Beads is 100% Australian made, ensuring high-quality standards and supporting local manufacturing. The product is also not tested on animals and is vegan-friendly, aligning with ethical manufacturing practices. By choosing Jax Wax, you're not only providing your clients with a superior waxing experience but also supporting a brand that prioritises ethical and sustainable practices.

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For Professional use only.
This product is intended to be used by Professionally Trained Therapists and Practitioners only.
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