Elleebana Lift Lockers - 3 Pairs

Elleebana One Size SKU: 1350
Elleebana Lift Lockers - 3 Pairs
Elleebana Lift Lockers - 3 Pairs
Elleebana Lift Lockers - 3 Pairs
Elleebana Lift Lockers - 3 Pairs

Elleebana Lift Lockers - 3 Pairs

Elleebana One Size SKU: 1350
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  • Customisable colour-coded system
  • Special contour and curvature
  • Versatile flexi-soft silicone

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Introducing Elleebana Lift Lockers, the innovative solution to perfect lash wraps! These unique silicone strips, designed with a special contour and curvature, seamlessly cover and hold lashes in place while they are set on rods or shields. Crafted from flexible, mouldable silicone, Elleebana Lift Lockers ensure a flawless wrap without disturbing lashes or lotions. This addition to our range supports and directs lashes during the chemical treatment, making it as easy as telling your lashes to "sit" and "stay".Elleebana Lift Lockers are the game-changer in lash treatment, ensuring precision, ease, and optimal results for every application.


Key Features of Elleebana Lift Lockers:Ultra-Secure Design: With their advanced locking curvature, these strips adapt perfectly to lash wraps, enhancing Elleebana's Flex Rods and Flex Shields. Their flexi-soft silicone is also compatible with other rods and shields, providing versatility.


Efficient Tree Tab Grip: The signature Elleebana tree tab ensures effortless placement, attachment, and removal. This feature allows for easy handling with gloves or tweezers, maintaining the integrity of your perfect lash wrap.


Customisable Colours: Tailor your process with our colour-coded system. Use "Orange" lockers during lifting lotion application, switch to "Clear" for setting lotion to easily spot crossed lashes, and finish with "Black" to prevent tint stains from marring your social media showcases. Elleebana's thoughtful design covers every step.


Durable and Long-Lasting: Crafted from premium materials, these lockers are built to last, provided they are cleaned as recommended. The same cleaning procedure used for silicone Flex Rods and Flex Shields applies.


Note: When autoclaving, keep temperatures below 230°C to prevent damage to the silica gel.

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