Elleebana Lash Extensions Beginner’s Volume 2 Day Course incl Kit

Elleebana Pay in Full SKU: WS-EVLC
Elleebana Lash Extensions Beginner’s Volume 2 Day Course incl Kit
Elleebana Lash Extensions Beginner’s Volume 2 Day Course incl Kit
Elleebana Lash Extensions Beginner’s Volume 2 Day Course incl Kit
Elleebana Lash Extensions Beginner’s Volume 2 Day Course incl Kit
Elleebana Lash Extensions Beginner’s Volume 2 Day Course incl Kit

Elleebana Lash Extensions Beginner’s Volume 2 Day Course incl Kit

Elleebana Pay in Full SKU: WS-EVLC
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About Course 

Elleebana, a renowned name for over 20 years in eyelash perming, lifting, colouring, and shaping, is excited to present the Elleebana Lash Extensions Beginner’s Volume 2 Day Course incl Kit. 

This course is an exceptional opportunity for intermediate or experienced Classic Lash Extensions Technicians to master the art of Russian Volume eyelash extensions. The focus is on creating voluminous, dramatic eyelash extensions by applying multiple lashes to a single natural lash.  

Why Choose This Course?  

Comprehensive Kit: The course includes a premium kit valued at $435.00, packed with all the essential tools and materials you need to start your lashing journey.  

Bonus Rewards: Enrol in the course and receive bonus rewards points, along with exclusive discounts on Elleebana products on the day.  

Expert Training: Learn from handpicked trainers who are passionate about lash artistry and committed to your success.  

Assessment and Certification: Demonstrate your mastery of techniques with a practical assessment and quiz. Upon successful completion, you'll be recognised for your new skills and knowledge in volume lash extensions.  

Embark on a journey of skill enhancement with the Elleebana Lash Extensions Beginner’s Volume – 2 Day Course. This course promises not only to elevate your technique in lash extension but also to open new horizons for your professional growth in the beauty industry.  

This course is designed for those who have at least six months of experience in classic lash extensions application. It's perfect for technicians eager to enhance their skills and offer their clients a fuller, more captivating eyelash extension experience.  

Course Fees and Enrolment Details  

Cost: $1100 including an Elleebana Kit valued at $435.00 

Additional Attendee Fee: For salons sending multiple therapists, each additional attendee can join for $200, providing a cost-effective solution for team training without the need for extra kits. 

Availability: Spaces are limited, and we advise early booking. Note that a $150 cancellation fee is applicable.  

Elleebana Full Kit: Includes product kit to the value of $435. The kit includes lashing, training aids, primer, tweezers and much, much more! 

Additional Support: Access to our trainers for continued support and guidance after your course finishes 

Certification: A certificate awarded upon submission of a minimum of 5 before and after images that are successful. 

Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy 10% off Elleebana storewide on the day. 

Barneys Rewards Points: Earn 1100 Barneys Rewards Points upon enrolment and use toward discount vouchers for future purchases.  

Location and Contact Information  

Timing: 9.30am - 5.00pm across 2 consecutive days. Our Elleebana Brow Henna Course begins at 9:30am and finishes at 5.00pm.  

Lunch Break: Lunch breaks from 12:45pm – 1:15pm or subject to change depending on progress throughout the day. Please bring a packed lunch or snacks, as the class covers extensive material.  

Venue: The course is held at Barneys Salon Supplies Training Rooms, located at Unit 1, 21 Huntingdale Road, Burwood VIC 3125. 

Contact: For further inquiries, please call us at 1800 676 522. 

Parking: Complimentary off-street parking is available, although it is limited.  

This course is specifically designed for intermediate or experienced Classic Lash Extensions Technicians with a minimum 6 months experience of classic lash extensions application. It focuses on teaching the art of Russian Volume eyelash extensions, a technique that involves adding multiple extensions to a single natural lash for a fuller, more dramatic look.  

What You Will Learn 

The course covers a comprehensive range of topics essential for mastering volume lash extensions. Key areas include:  

Understanding Volume Lashes: Differences between classic and volume lashes, including Russian and American Volume styles. 

Lash Health: Emphasis on client's and technician's eye and body health. 

Techniques: Volume fan pick-up methods, choosing and identifying quality fans, fan attachment, and application techniques. 

Practical Skills: Hybrid lashing, styling, blending sets, layering, and removal. 

Business Skills: Lash math, client consultation, and photography skills for showcasing work.  

Topics we cover: (Please dot point the below)  

This course is comprehensive and cover important topics to achieve the best results. The two-day course will cover the following topics: 

  • What is Volume?
  • Classics vs Volume
    • Stacking and capping vs volume
    • Russian Volume vs American Volume 
    • What products to use 
    • Lash Math 
    • Clients eye and lash health 
    • Technicians eye and body health 
    • Volume fan pick up techniques – 3 of the best methods 
    • How to choose the right fanning technique for you 
    • How to identify a good fan from an imperfect fan 
    • Narrow fans vs wide fans 
    • Premade fans vs you made fans 
    • Fan attachment 
    • Applying an imperfect fan 
    • Practising without a model 
    • Hybrid lashing 
    • Styling with volume 
    • Blending your sets 
    • Layering to get a smooth line 
    • Capping with volume 
    • Removal 
    • Capturing social media worthy photos 


Model Details 

Model 1: Needed at 2:00 pm on Day 1. 

Model 2: Needed at 1:00 pm on Day 2. 

Note: Students must provide two models (one for each day). Assistance in finding models is available through specified Facebook groups.  

Contraindications: Click here to view   

Model Confirmation: Contact us via email at customercare@barneyssalonsupplies.com.au or phone at 1800 676 522 for specific requirements. Confirmation about needing a model will be provided approximately one week before the workshop. 

Finding a Model:

If you do require a model, but are having trouble finding one, please reach out to these model groups on Facebook: 

Beauty Treatment Clients/Models Melbourne

Melbourne Hair, Beauty, and Cosmetic Models

Melbourne Models for free beauty treatments


Policies and Additional Information  

Payment: Full payment is required to secure enrolment. 

Certification Requirement: Certificates are issued upon achieving competency. 

Class Cancellation: Classes may be cancelled if minimum participant numbers are not met. 

Health Precautions: If you are feeling unwell or exhibit COVID-19 symptoms, please contact Barneys Salon Supplies to reschedule your training.  

For those who are pregnant: Please note, Models who are pregnant, or breast-feeding are unable to attend this workshop. Please read more here: https://elleebana.com/pregnancy-eyelash-lifting/  

Location and Contact  

Venue: Barneys Salon Supplies Training Rooms. 

Contact: Reach out to us at 1800 676 522 or customercare@barneyssalonsupplies.com.au for any further inquiries or clarifications.  

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