DLUX Lash Extension Primer - 15ml

DLUX Lash Extension Primer - 15ml

DLUX Lash Extension Primer - 15ml

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  • Oil-Free Formula
  • Increases Longevity of Extensions
  • Delivers Optimal Bonding

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Elevate your lash services with DLUX Lash Extension Primer - 15ml, a premium pre-application treatment designed to enhance the performance of lash extensions. This specialised primer is a must-have for professional lash artists, ensuring impeccable adhesion and extended wear. Plus, it's gentle yet effective formulation is compatible with all types of lashes.

Enhanced Adhesive Strength: The DLUX Lash Extension Primer is specifically formulated to amplify the bonding power of lash adhesives. It creates a robust foundation for each extension, ensuring a secure and enduring hold.

Oil-Free & Purifying Formula: Our primer is expertly crafted with an oil-free composition that meticulously cleanses residual oils and impurities from natural lashes. This preparation ensures an immaculate surface, optimising lash extension adherence.

Extended Lash Life: Regular use of the DLUX Lash Extension Primer can significantly increase the longevity of lash extensions. It helps maintain the lashes' pristine condition between appointments, keeping them looking flawless for longer.

Precision Application: The 15ml bottle comes equipped with a user-friendly applicator, enabling meticulous and controlled application. The primer's formula is designed for quick absorption into the lashes, streamlining the prep process.

Professional Grade Product: Developed with the needs of professional lash artists in mind, the DLUX Lash Extension Primer guarantees a smooth and effective application, contributing to superb and consistent lash extension results.

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