DLUX Jade Stone - 60mm

DLUX Jade Stone - 60mm

DLUX Jade Stone - 60mm

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  • Large Surface Area
  • Ideal for Adhesive
  • Helps maintain optimal glue temperature

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When it comes to achieving the utmost precision and perfection in eyelash extensions, the DLUX Jade Stone - 60mm is an absolute must-have for beauty professionals. Crafted from genuine jade, this essential tool offers a range of benefits that will take your eyelash extension applications to the next level.

Perfect for Adhesive: The smooth and cool surface of the DLUX Jade Stone is the ideal canvas for eyelash adhesive. It ensures that your adhesive stays at the optimal temperature, resulting in a secure bond that lasts.

Effortless Cleaning: Jade's natural non-porous properties make it a hygienic choice for beauty experts. Cleaning is a breeze – simply wipe it clean with a gentle adhesive remover after each use.

Generous Surface Area: With its spacious 60mm diameter, the DLUX Jade Stone provides ample space for adhesive application. Say goodbye to constant replenishing and hello to increased efficiency.

Steady and Precise: The weight and stability of the jade stone offer a reliable surface for dipping your adhesive wand or brush. This promotes precise application, reducing the risk of spills or waste.

How to Make the Most of DLUX Jade Stone - 60mm for Eyelash Extensions:

Prepare the Surface: Ensure your DLUX Jade Stone is clean and residue-free before starting your work.

Dispense Adhesive: Place a small amount of eyelash adhesive onto the jade stone. The cool surface of the jade helps maintain the adhesive's consistency.

Precise Application: Dip your adhesive wand or brush into the adhesive on the stone and apply it to individual lashes with unmatched precision.

Optimal Workability: Thanks to the temperature-regulating properties of the jade stone, your adhesive will remain workable throughout the entire application process.

Maintain Pristine Condition: Keep your jade stone in impeccable condition by cleaning it with a gentle adhesive remover between clients.

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