Crown Pro Makeup & Brush Starter Kit

Crown One Size SKU: CBH23
Crown Pro Makeup & Brush Starter Kit
Crown Pro Makeup & Brush Starter Kit
Crown Pro Makeup & Brush Starter Kit
Crown Pro Makeup & Brush Starter Kit
Crown Pro Makeup & Brush Starter Kit
Crown Pro Makeup & Brush Starter Kit
Crown Pro Makeup & Brush Starter Kit
Crown Pro Makeup & Brush Starter Kit

Crown Pro Makeup & Brush Starter Kit

Crown One Size SKU: CBH23
  • Meticulously curated set of high-quality tools and products
  • Premium quality products
  • All-in-one inclusive kit

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Whether you're a beginner or an enthusiast looking to take your talent to the next level, the Crown Pro Makeup & Brush Starter Kit is an all-inclusive must have kit.

Join the league of successful makeup artists who have trusted The Crown Pro Makeup & Brush Kit to shape their journeys in the beauty industry. Elevate your artistry skills and unlock your potential with this one-of-a-kind kit, created by professionals, for professionals. Embrace your passion, and let The Crown Pro Makeup & Brush Kit be your gateway to a world of beauty and creativity.

This Crown Pro Makeup & Brush Starter Kit Includes:

  • Crown Pro Makeup Brush Set - 16 Pieces
  • Crown Makeup Setting Powder
  • Crown Pro Conceal and Contour Palette
  • Crown Matte Eyeshadow Palette - 30 Shades
  • Crown Eyeshadow Palette - 35 Shades
  • Crown Blush, Bronzer & Highlight Palette - 12 Shades
  • Crown Lip Palette - 20 Shades
  • Crown Foundation & Contour Palette - 15 Shades
  • Crown Corrector Palette - 6 Shades
  • Crown Face Primer - 30ml
  • Crown Volumizing Mascara - Black
  • Crown Plate & Spatula Combo
  • Crown Professional Tweezer - Black
  • Crown Dual Sharpener
  • Crown Black Gel Eye Liner
  • Crown Strip Lashes Medium - 747M
  • Crown Individual Lashes Flared - Medium
  • Crown Clear Lash Glue - 3G
  • Crown Eye & Brow Pencil - Black
  • Crown Eye & Brow Pencil - Dark Chocolate
  • Crown Red Lip Pencil - Fuego 
  • Crown Lip Pencil - Cappuccino
  • Crown Lip Pencil - Not Pink
  • Crown Makeup Cape - Half Length
  • Crown Mascara Spoolies - 25 Pieces
  • Crown Makeup Sponges Non-Latex - 12 Pieces
  • Crown Makeup Wipes - 30 Pieces
  • Crown Makeup Brush Cleaner - 125ml
  • Crown Metal Eyelash Curler
  • Crown Powder Puff - 85mm
  • Crown Clear Bag

What makes this kit truly exceptional is the thoughtful selection of premium products that cater to all your makeup needs. From vibrant eyeshadow palettes that ignite your imagination to long-lasting lip colors that make a statement, every item in this kit is chosen to enable you to explore diverse looks and techniques.

Discover the essentials designed to provide you with  seamless results every time. Our kits are:

  • Meticulously curated to include high-quality tools and products
  • Kit includes indispensable tools
  • Created for professionals by professionals
  • Complemented by comprehensive guides and tutorials, offering valuable insights and expert tips


With a remarkable legacy of brush making spanning over three decades, Crown Brush Australia stands as a premier player in the global makeup industry, offering an extensive collection of professional makeup brushes boasting more than 700 distinct styles.

As a trailblazer in the professional makeup arena, Crown Brush Australia prides itself on presenting a diverse array of top-notch products, ranging from Pro Brushes and Makeup Palettes to Student Kits and a wide variety of cosmetic items.

At the forefront of Australia's professional brands, our privileged collaborations with esteemed makeup artists of international acclaim empower us to access their wealth of knowledge and expertise, ensuring we stay abreast with the latest advancements in the field.

Choose Crown Brush Australia, the unrivaled leader in Australia's professional beauty market, and unlock a world of premium makeup tools and products designed to elevate your artistry and meet the needs of discerning makeup professionals worldwide.

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