• Belava Disposable Pedicure Liner Refill Pack 100 Liners

Belava Disposable Pedicure Liner Refill Pack 100 Liners


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The Belava Pedicure disposable single-use liner system is the new standard in pedicure hygiene eliminating the need for scrubbing and/or cleaning your pedicure equipment. The Belava Pedicure Footspa & Liners Starter Pack is a compact, no plumbing, versatile pedicure system that lets you start a pedicure in seconds. Simply place a liner in the specifically designed plastic footspa, fill with your pedicure solution and you're under way.


Single use systems eliminate cross infection and the spread of bacteria, fungus and infectious diseases associated with pedicures. The Belava Footspa & Liners are the ideal single use solution for every pedicure. The liners help avoid skin irritations and allergies caused by harmful chemicals used by professionals to sanitize pedicure tubs between clients. They are easy to store, crumple to reduce waste and are made of recyclable material #3.

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