• Barneys Professional - File & Buffer Sample Pack (6 pces)

Barneys Professional - File & Buffer Sample Pack (6 pces)


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Barneys Professional Nail File & Buffer Sample Pack is a great selection of the best buffers and files for gel, acrylic and natural nail enhancements.

Pack contains:

Buffer 100/180 Medium/Coarse - Ideal for removing scratches and refining nail enhancement surfaces leaving nails ready for lacquer, gel polish or dip application.

Buffer 220/280 Ultra-fine - removes imperfections and prepares enhancements for high-shine buffers and gently cleans around cuticles to help prevent lifting.

Shine Buffer 400/4000 - High Shine. Use on natural or acrylic nails that will not be polished. Green side creates a matt finish, white side to create a high gloss shine.

Cushioned File 150/150 - Hardworking 150 Grit. Reduces length and removes excess product fast and used for correction and refining traditional gels and acrylics.

Cushioned File 180/180 - Handy 180 Grit. Ideal for shaping, contouring and refining nail enhancements.

Cushioned File 240/240 - Gentle 240 Grit. Designed for natural nails! gently reduces length leaving edges smooth.

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