Barneys Professional Cushioned Nail File #150/150 Grit

Barneys 150/150 SKU: B3050
Barneys Professional Cushioned Nail File #150/150 Grit

Barneys Professional Cushioned Nail File #150/150 Grit

Barneys 150/150 SKU: B3050
  • Medium & coarse dual-sided file
  • Shape & file acrylics
  • #150/150 grit cushioned file
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The Barneys Professional Nail Board File #150/150 Grit is ideal for shaping and filing acrylic nails. Use this grit to reduce length, remove excess product fast, correct and refine gels and acrylics.

Get a seamless nail shape and surface every time before applying color and other nail enhancements.

  • Medium & coarse dual-sided file
  • High-quality hardworking #150/150 Grit
  • Offers speed and efficiency during nail prep
  • Cushioned design

Crafted from the highest quality materials, the Barneys Professional branded nail files are designed to last longer and deliver consistent results every time. Our uniquely designed file shape provides more control and access the nail shape more effectively.

Shop the range of Barneys Professional Nail Files available.

Cushioned Advantage: Our cushioned nail file has been designed to provide more control with a better grip of the file. This allows for both speed and efficiency during your nail treatment.

Durable & Effective: Our Nail Files are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and consistent performance. The abrasive surface is designed to efficiently shape and refine nails without causing damage or discomfort.

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