• Barneys Pink Non Acetone Nail Polish Remover - 125ml

Barneys Pink Non Acetone Nail Polish Remover - 125ml


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LS312-0125 NPR

Pink Acetone Free NPR is a gentle and effective polish remover for natural nails and ideal for cleaning nail enhancements without damaging the underlying structures. An Acetone and MEK free, non whitening formulation for rapid removal of nail enamel, Pink Acetone Free NPR has a soft pink marshmallow tint, enhanced with a subtle fragrance.

With added moisturisers to prevent nail and skin whitening during polish removal, Pink Acetone Free NPR has added active ingredients to improve polish removal performance.

By removing oils, dirt, polish remnants and other contaminants from the natural nail plate, the Pink Acetone Free NPR improves adhesion of nail colour, providing a clean and primed nail surface for colour application. Moisturising actives have been formulated to maintain healthy cuticles and the skin surrounding the nail plate. 

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