Barneys Hard & Strip Wax Essentials Starter Kit

Barneys One Size SKU: B9903
Barneys Hard & Strip Wax Essentials Starter Kit

Barneys Hard & Strip Wax Essentials Starter Kit

Barneys One Size SKU: B9903
  • Includes hard & strip wax
  • Includes pre & post products
  • 11 piece kit

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With its premium products and professional-grade tools, Barneys Essentials Hard & Strip Starter Wax Kit provides everything you need to deliver a luxurious and effective waxing experience.

This exclusive package deal includes Barneys very own Australian Made and cruelty free wax, including our Olive Oil Strip Wax and Platinum Hard Wax. Both waxes are ideal for sensitive skin with added nourishing properties and offer maximum hair free results.

This kit also includes all the essential products needed to prepare your client, perform an effective treatment, and finish with perfect pre and post-waxing products. The Barneys Essential Starter Package Deal includes:

  • Barneys Platinum Hard Wax - 500g
  • Barneys Olive Oil Strip Wax - 800g
  • Barneys Wax Strip 100 - 8 x 220mm
  • Barneys Disposable Wooden Wax Applicators - Large Size (250)
  • SwissCare Instant Hand Sanitiser - 59ml
  • Hardenburg Tweezers Slanted Tip Stainless Steel
  • Barneys Pre-Wax Cleanser Peppermint Oil - 250ml
  • Barneys After Waxing Oil Tea Tree - 250ml
  • Barneys Wax Remover Citrus Clean with Trigger Spray - 250ml
  • Barneys Intimate Refresher Wipes - Bag of 50
  • Caronlab Wax Warmer - 1 Litre

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For Professional use only. This product is intended to be used by Professionally Trained Therapists and Practitioners only.