• Barneys Cartridge Wax Starter Kit

Barneys Cartridge Wax Starter Kit


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Introducing our Wax Cartridge Starter Kit with Barneys brand new Indigo Shimmer Cartridge Wax.
All your cartridge wax favorites designed exclusively for the wax professional. Receive the Caronlab Professional Cartridge Heater and Barneys After Waxing Oil and Moisturiser in our convenient spray bottle.

Barneys Cartridge Starter Kit includes:

  • Barneys Cartridge Indigo Shimmer 100ml Fixed
  • Barneys Cartridge Olive Oil 100ml Fixed
  • Barneys Cartridge Strawberry 100ml Fixed
  • Barneys Cartridge Platinum 100ml Fixed
  • Barneys Wax Strip 100- 8x22cm
  • Barneys After Waxing Oil Tea Tree - 250ml
  • Caronlab Cartridge Heater

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