• Barneys Brow Pro Brush Set

Barneys Brow Pro Brush Set


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The Barneys PRO Brush set is versatile and ideal for makeup application, brow henna and lash & brow tinting.  This brush gives accurate and effortless application resulting in clear and straight lines and stunning results. 

• Ideal for henna brows
• Perfect of lash and brow tinting and makeup application
• Cruelty Free


1 x Angled Brush B01 (Classic)
1 x Angled Brush B02 (Mini)
1 x Rounded Brush B03 (Classic)
1 x Rounded Brush B04 (Mini)

Available to buy separately or together in the Master Brush Set.

Cleaning Instructions:

After Henna or Lash & Brow Tinting
Clean the brush as quickly as possible after the treatment.  Use running water to remove residue and pat dry.

Use a brush sanitiser to ensure a hygienic and safe service for your clients.

After Makeup Application
Spray brushes with a sanitiser and remove product using a tissue or brush wipe

Shampoo and condition your brushes regularly to prolong the life and cleanliness of your brushes.
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