• Barneys Pre & Post Wax Kit

Barneys Pre & Post Wax Kit


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A must have for any waxing treatment. The Barneys Pre & Post Waxing Kit includes quality pre and post goodies and disposable tools for your convenience.

Barneys Pre & Post Waxing Kit includes:

  • Barneys Pre-Wax Cleanser Peppermint Oil - 250ml
  • Barneys After Waxing Oil Tea Tree - 250ml
  • Barneys Wax Remover Citrus Clean with Trigger Spray - 250ml
  • Barneys Wax strip 100 - 8x22cm
  • Barneys Disposable Wooden Wax Applicators - Small Size (500)
  • Hardenburg Tweezers Slanted Tip Stainless Steel
  • SwissCare Instant Hand Sanitiser - 59ml

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