Lycon Hands-On Precision Brow Masterclass

Lycon Default Title SKU: WS-LPBMC
Lycon Hands-On Precision Brow Masterclass
Lycon Hands-On Precision Brow Masterclass
Lycon Hands-On Precision Brow Masterclass
Lycon Hands-On Precision Brow Masterclass

Lycon Hands-On Precision Brow Masterclass

Lycon Default Title SKU: WS-LPBMC
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About Course: 

Welcome to the Lycon Hands-On Precision Brow Masterclass, a comprehensive course designed to transform your approach to eyebrow sculpting and enhance your expertise in the beauty industry. This masterclass, offered in collaboration with Barneys, is not just a training program; it's an opportunity to become the go-to brow artist for your clients, mastering techniques that emphasize natural beauty and individuality. 

Why Choose the Lycon Precision Brow Masterclass? 

Expertise from the Best: Learn from the industry's top professionals who are not just skilled in techniques but also understand the business dynamics of the beauty world. 

Comprehensive Learning: From product knowledge to practical application, this course covers all aspects of brow artistry. 

Professional Growth: Equip yourself with skills that will set you apart in the competitive beauty industry. 

Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow beauty professionals and industry leaders.   

Master the art of perfectly sculpted brows with the waxing label who formulates their own high performance brow sculpting wax.  

Ensure flawless lines and define a brow shape that truly enhances your client's best features. Be the brow artist your client turns to every time! Book your Lycon Precision Brow Masterclass Workshop with Barneys for amazing perks & training by the best in the business!  

Experience the world of LYCON Precision Waxing, Australia’s #1 Wax Worldwide!     

Course Fees and Enrolment Details 

Cost: $150 

Availability: Spaces are limited, and we advise early booking. Note that a cancellation fee is applicable. 

Lycon Kit: You will receive a FREE Eyebrow Precision Wax & Tint Kit valued at $139  

Course Inclusions: 

Certification: You will receive a certificate of attendance. 

Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy 10% off Lycon storewide on the day. 

Barneys Rewards Points: Earn 150 Barneys Rewards Points upon enrolment, and use toward discount vouchers for future purchases.   

Location and Contact Information  

Times: Begins at 9:00am and finishes at 12:00pm 

Venue: The course is held at Barneys Salon Supplies Training Rooms, located at Unit 1, 21 Huntingdale Road, Burwood VIC 3125. 

Contact: For further inquiries, please call us at 1800 676 522. 

Parking: Complimentary off-street parking is available, although it is limited. 

Defined. Dramatic. Desirable. Learn LYCON exclusive precision brow sculpting and facial waxing, plus Lycocil tinting techniques. This workshop will develop your skills and allow you to confidently deliver precise and defined brows for your client every time.   

What you will learn:  

Exclusive Waxing Techniques: 

Learn the art of creating perfectly sculpted eyebrows using Lycon's high-performance brow sculpting wax. Our specialized formula ensures precision and comfort, making it a game-changer in the world of eyebrow grooming.  

Perfecting Brow Shapes: 

Delve into the techniques of crafting flawless lines and defining brow shapes that enhance your client's facial features. Our expert instructors will guide you through the nuances of tailoring brow shapes to individual face structures, ensuring each client leaves with brows that complement their unique beauty.  

Hands-On Training: 

Engage in practical, hands-on eyebrow waxing training, where you'll apply what you've learned on real models. This experience is invaluable in building your confidence and skill set.  

Lycocil Brow Tinting Mastery: 

Explore the world of brow tinting with Lycocil. Our course includes both a hands-on practice session and a live demonstration, helping you understand the intricacies of brow tinting and how it can transform your client's look.  

Sales and Retail Insights: 

Go beyond the technical skills and dive into effective sales and retail strategies. Learn how to recommend products and services that align with your client's needs, enhancing their experience and your business growth.  

This Masterclass includes:   

  • Product knowledge 
  • Hands-on eyebrow waxing training 
  • Hands-on practice using Lycocil brow tinting  
  • Lycocil brow tinting demo  
  • Sales and retail training    

Model Details 

You are required to bring models for the masterclass.  

First model required at 10:30am 

Second model required at 11:15am  

Choosing reliable and prompt models for your class will help your learning experience. No lash extensions, makeup or contact lenses are allowed for this treatment.  

Model Confirmation: Contact us via email at or phone at 1800 676 522 for specific requirements. Confirmation about needing a model will be provided approximately one week before the workshop. 

Finding a Model:

If you do require a model, but are having trouble finding one, please reach out to these model groups on Facebook: 

Beauty Treatment Clients/Models Melbourne

Melbourne Hair, Beauty, and Cosmetic Models

Melbourne Models for free beauty treatments



Policies and Additional Information  

Payment: Full payment is required to secure enrolment. 

Certification Requirement: Certificates are issued upon achieving competency. 

Class Cancellation: Classes may be cancelled if minimum participant numbers are not met. 

Health Precautions: If you are feeling unwell or exhibit COVID-19 symptoms, please contact Barneys Salon Supplies to reschedule your training.   

Location and Contact  

Venue: Barneys Salon Supplies Training Rooms. 

Contact: Reach out to us at 1800 676 522 or for any further inquiries or clarifications.  

Alison has been with Lycon coming up 3 years and is the LYCON Educator for WA,SA,NT, VIC & Tasmania. Alison has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years, from a Beauty Therapist to Business owner along with branding and managing a Beauty franchise. However, her passion is education! With years of knowledge, hands on experience and also being trained herself by Lydia Jordane, internationally acclaimed beauty therapist, CEO and founder of LYCON Cosmetics.  Alison will bring you tricks of the trade with new skill or helping advance old skills, using the world’s leading wax brand LYCON Cosmetics.

Please note, trainers are subject to change for time to time, yet every Lycon trainer is fully certified in Lycon product and techniques.  

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