Community Giving Initiative

Barneys Yatra Community Initiative

One of our core values at Barneys Salon Supplies is to give back to the community. Because of this, we have committed to donate a portion of every single sale to our charity partner.

How it works – there’s no need to opt in. Simply make your normal purchases through Barneys Salon Supplies and we will do the rest! We adjust our monthly donation depending on prior month sales.

Our partner – our primary partner is the Yatra Foundation Australia. We have a special connection with this organisation after experiencing firsthand the amazing work that they are doing to provide a quality education to more than 1,100 of the most severely disadvantaged children throughout India.

Every dollar counts – we are so proud to support a foundation that uses 100% of donations to fund their projects. Just $30 a month funds the education of a child in a Yatra Foundation school. Education is recognised as a powerful tool for reducing poverty, unemployment and inequality. We fully support their mission to make an enduring change in the lives of children through education.

Our unique Community Giving Initiative enables you to contribute to a worthy cause simply by making your normal salon purchases!


Giving is a central part of a fulfilling life – choose Barneys Salon Supplies and participate in our unique Community Giving Initiative.


Want to learn more or make a personal donation?

Visit Yatra Foundation Australia at