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 Salt Of the Earth July 2018 Feature at Barneys Salon Supplies


The Art of Custom Spa Treatments is now available at Barneys Salon Supplies

A complete scent journey  -  Perfect Portion Control  -  Focused on experiences

Salt of the Earth brings your salon individualised, hand crafted spa experiences from the Great Salt Lake.

You can now deliver the ultimate customized spa experience by blending fresh ingredients and scents for the perfect mani or pedi treatment. This all-natural and handcrafted range of products truly has the power to change your client’s life. With essential minerals and properties to reduce dry skin and eczema, muscle tension and more. Salt of the Earth is the perfect manicure and pedicure treatment for your salon and your clients.

Perfect to retail  -  Mix N’ Match treatments & scents  -  Customise 

 Salt of the Earth at Barneys Salon Supplies



Explore our Mineral Muds

Reduces dry skin & eczema, Aleviates muscle tension, Reduces skin roughness, Contains essential minerals.

Shop the Mineral Mud Range here.

Salt of the Earth Mineral Mud at Barneys Salon Supplies


Explore our Salt of the Earth Kits

Salt of the Earth Blend Box  

Customise your treatment like a pro.

Take customisation to the next level. Mix the perfect treatment with the perfect scent using these boosters! Each booster contains anti-aging and anti-inflammatory serum.

     - Includes 25 complete services
     - Pre- portioned pouches
     - Complete control of the experience

    Shop the Salt of The Earth Blend Box here

      Salt of the Earth Blend Box at barneys Salon Supplies


      Salt of the Earth Wood Box

      Blend a unique treatment.

      Custom Wood Presentation box to hold and display 4 jars during Manicure or Pedicure services, also great for retail sale! This wood box includes:

              - Mineral Salt 177ml
             - Creamy Scrub 177ml
             - Mineral Mud 177ml
             - Mineral Cream 177ml
             - Available in White Ginger/Cabana Boy

            Shop the Salt of the Earth Manicure/Pedicure Kit here

            Sale of the Earth Wood Box at Barneys Salon Supplies

            Discover the perfect foot treatment protocol by Salt of the Earth.
            Download now here