• Scented Space Gold Leaf Diffuser - Green Tea 100ml

Scented Space Gold Leaf Diffuser - Green Tea

Scented Space

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Prepared to be dazzled by the 24-karat magic of Scented Spaces new Gold Leaf suspension diffusers. The Green Tea is a manicured Oriental garden bed of Zen tranquillity and quiet introspection. Created with green tea leaves, citrus bergamot & Japanese lily.


A Scented Spaces aromatic diffuser will scent your living spaces with an exquisite fragrance, allowing you to enjoy scent in your home without the mess of incense or the unsightly appearance of plugins.

Our diffusers gently disperse subtle fragrances to personalise your living spaces and create uniqueness - all with 100% pure diffuser fragrance.

Available in a vast range of contemporary fragrances, Scented Spaces is the perfect finishing touch to any decor.

Features of the Scented Space Diffuser:

  • Fragrance Time : At Least 3 Months
  • Scent Type: Herbal
  • Candle Type: Diffuser
  • Size: 100ml
  • Made: Australia
  • Features: Modern premium designed reeds

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