• Salt of the Earth Creamy Scrub Single Use Mani Pouch (5 Pack)

Salt of the Earth Creamy Scrub Single Use Mani Pouch (5 Pack)

Salt of the Earth

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A sweet treat to pamper deprived skin! Naturally reveal soft skin with our creamy shea butter scrub. Soften & condition skin with moisturizing shea butter, a perfect exfoliation of sugar and salt crystals and skin conditioning extracts.

Main Ingredients & Benefits:

  • Salt detoxifies and decreases inflammation
  • Sugar gently exfoliates dead skin cells and is a natural humectant
  • Shea Butter increases healing, deeply moisturizes skin and is a great antioxidant
  • Trace Minerals helps to nourish the body’s need for minerals
  • Pouch is fully recyclable



Gently massage and scrub onto dried skin, add a small amount of water for a better slip and exfoliation.  Great for any skin type!

  • Perfectly pre-portioned pouch to provide the exact amount you need each and every time
  • Say good-bye to product overuse
  • Eliminates cross contamination
  • Control Cost
  • Salt of the Earth pouches use 30% less plastic than traditional jars

RECYCLE:  Empty Pouch is recyclable


Learn how to perform a Custom Manicure Protocol with Salt of the Earth's Blend Box. In this service we custom mix Mineral Salt, Creamy Shea Butter Scrub, Mineral Mud Mask & Mineral Cream in a customized scent for each of our spa clients. The Manicure is topped off with a Fire & Ice Menthol Lotion and custom blended take home retail product.


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