• Rose Quartz Massaging Facial Roller - Battery Operated

Rose Quartz Massaging Facial Roller - Battery Operated


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Use the Rose Quartz Roller to relieve tension and stress and perform a gentle facial massage or further infuse your sheet mask treatment.

The benefits of the battery-operated Rose Quartz Facial Roller improve skin elasticity by increasing blood circulation, which promotes collagen and elastin, and encouraging skin cell rejuvenation to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Using the Quartz Roller soothes and calms skin to reduce inflammation and puffiness and the vibration encourages better circulation and a massage-type feel. Regular use releases muscle tension in the face and creates that added glow.

A perfect tool for the facial therapist to infuse your facial treatment and heighten the result!

Ideal for retail RRP $39.95 (Batteries Not included)

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