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Barneys Nail Polish Thinner with Dispenser Cap - 125ml


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LS920-0125 THIN

Nail Polish Thinner is carefully formulated to replenish and revitalise nail polish that has dried out or become gluggy. Nail Polish Thinner is designed to be used with any polish formula and returns life to that favourite colour.

As a product made of rapidly evaporating solvents, nail polish frequently requires additional solvent to maintain it's ideal viscosity, ease of application and colour performance. Nail Polish Thinner is a specifically blended solvent formulation, designed to supplement polish nail colour of all base types.

Nail polish remover should never be used as a thinner for polish as removers often contain moisturisers, oils and water, substances that damage the careful balance of solvents and solids that keep polish in excellent condition. Nail Polish Thinner is a thin, clear liquid that replenishes the solvents that commonly evaporate when polish is used frequently.

Acetone and MEK free, correctly formulated Thinner gives polish a boost by simply mixing a few drops into the polish. Continue this process until the desired polish consistency is required. Do not add nail polish remover or acetone.

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