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In keeping with the move to more natural and organic skin treatment solutions, this new Micellar Water Make Up Remover is a crystal clear, single phase solution with no mixing or shaking required. Ready to use, Micellar Water is fast acting in removing stubborn make up on skin containing new generation cleansers and moisturisers from 100% renewable sources. The incredibly soft and silky feel while removing make up is remarkable seeing the liquid itself is so light and water-like with no discolouration over time.

Low irritant Micellar Water has also been specifically formulated for use around the eyes as well as the face.

"I really like it! It's very pure and it works well - even on my Lipsense lipstick which does not move for 18hrs!!!!!" International Beauty Product Distributor

Traditional cleansers are oily, may discolour over time, separate or require shaking and need to be packed in opaque bottles. This new Micellar Water contains two unique actives that cleanse, moisturise and solubilize while maintaining a single phase, crystal clear solution. The main solubilizer is 100% derived from plant sources, odourless and non-irritant and contains natural surfactants that deliver exceptional skin cleansing. These plant derived cleansers work with water instead of alcohols, synthetic ethylene and propylene derivatives, reducing odour and skin irritation and delivering far smoother skin with better water retention.

The other unique ingredient, a by-product of a naturally occurring and very rare algal species, has moisturising and water retaining capabilities that are 5 times greater than commonly used hyaluronic acid (which is derived from animal sources). Testing has shown this active delivers greater moisturisation and better elasticity to skin (an anti-wrinkle effect) than a comparable product using hyaluronic acid. Well moisturised skin in excellent condition is in a better state to avoid dryness and irritation, allowing the skin to fight inflammation and redness.



  • Animal derivative free formula
  • PEG free, VOC free, formaldehyde and odour free
  • Non-irritant, non-sensitizing ingredients
  • 5x more powerful moisturiser than hyaluronic acid
  • Strong moisturising & water retention capabilities
  • Actives improve skin elasticity and fight wrinkles
  • No polyoxyethylene / polyoxypropylene derivatives
  • Allows for water to be substituted for alcohol in skin cleansing products
  • 100% renewable plant derived cleanser and moisturising actives
  • Clever combination of moisturiser and surfactant to cleanse and soothe
  • Greater removal performance than traditional castor oil derived actives
  • Even dissolves most essential oils used in aromatherapy preparations
  • Drives improvements in skin condition reducing inflammation

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