• Mancine Ultra Flexxx Kiwi & Aloe Strip Wax

Mancine Ultra Flexxx Kiwi & Aloe Strip Wax


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    Ultra flexxx premium extra strength formula.
    Kiwi & Aloe Ultra Flexxx is a high performing superior grip wax with a distinct clear light green colour elasticity and pliability, it glides on smoothly giving no resistance when applying. Ultra Flexxx۪s unique plastic texture makes Ultra Flexxx ultra-flexible, have a powerful grip, and perfect for waxing. Ultra Flexxx Kiwi & Aloe has a low melting point, is odourless, and will last one and a half times longer than most organic waxes. Suitable for all skin types.

    Exceptional in its Ingredients:
    Synthetic Resin, Vegetable Oil(s), Paraffin Wax.

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