• Mancine Siempre Azure! Azurelene Hot Wax

Mancine Siempre Azure! Azurelene Hot Wax


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    A hot wax developed through advanced technology and professional salon advice. Azurelene, an extract of chamomile, acts as an anti-Inflammatory to cool and calm delicate skin. An extremely soft and flexible formulation. Ideal for use on face, underarms and bikini line.
    Mancine Hot Waxes are formulated to make waxing as painless as possible. They remove the shortest of hairs, leaving the skin perfectly clean and silky-smooth.
    Mancine Hot Waxes are applied at half the thickness of other hot waxes so you get more applications per kilogram. Even your most pedantic clients will love our range of waxes

    Bees Wax, Microcrystaline, Natural and Modified Pine Rosin, Azurelene Extract.

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