LLX Vegan Lash Lift Starter Kit

Lash eXtend One Size SKU: LE8177
LLX Vegan Lash Lift Starter Kit
LLX Vegan Lash Lift Starter Kit
LLX Vegan Lash Lift Starter Kit

LLX Vegan Lash Lift Starter Kit

Lash eXtend One Size SKU: LE8177
  • 3 Step Process
  • 10 Sachets of each step
  • Ideal Starter Kit
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Elevate your lash game and give your clients a mesmerizing look they'll love with the Lash Extend Lash Lift Kit – your ultimate solution for stunning, lifted lashes that enhance natural beauty. This professional kit empowers you to achieve beautifully curled lashes with long-lasting results. 

Lift, lock and nourish your client’s lashes with easily numbered steps in pre-portioned sachets, plus all the must have tools that help you deliver a lash lift that turns heads!

Kit Includes:

  • Lifting Cream No.1 – 10 x 1.5ml Sachets
  • Neutralising Lotion No.2 – 10 x 1.5ml Sachets
  • Moisturising Serum No.3 – 10 x 1.5ml Sachets
  • Lash Lift Bonding
  • 10 Small Silicone Shields
  • 10 Medium Silicone Shields
  • 10 Large Silicone Shields
  • LLX Lash Isolation Tool
  • LLX 10 x Y Combs

With the Lash Extend Lash Lift Kit, you can offer your clients a stunning lash transformation that lasts. From lifting and curling to nourishing and defining, this comprehensive kit provides everything you need to create captivating, lifted lashes. Elevate your lash services and give your clients a luxurious and eye-catching look they'll adore.

  1. Lifting Cream No.1 – 10 x 1.5ml Sachets: This specially formulated Lifting Cream is the first step to achieving perfectly lifted lashes. It gently lifts and curls the lashes from the root, creating a gorgeous and wide-eyed effect.
  2. Neutralising Lotion No.2 – 10 x 1.5ml Sachets: After the lifting process, it's time to neutralize and set the lashes in their lifted position. The Neutralising Lotion helps stabilize and lock in the lift, ensuring beautiful and long-lasting results.
  3. Moisturising Serum No.3 – 10 x 1.5ml Sachets: Nourish and hydrate the lashes with our Moisturising Serum. This specially formulated serum conditions and strengthens the lashes, promoting their health and vitality.
  4. Lash Lift Bonding: Our high-quality Lash Lift Bonding adhesive ensures a secure and long-lasting hold for the lifted lashes. It provides reliable adhesion, ensuring that the lashes stay beautifully curled throughout the day.
  5. 10 Small Silicone Shields: These Small Silicone Shields are designed to fit the natural curve of shorter lashes, providing maximum lift and curl. They create a beautiful, wide-eyed look, even for those with shorter lashes.
  6. 10 Medium Silicone Shields: The Medium Silicone Shields are ideal for clients with average lash length. They deliver a natural and enhanced curl, giving the appearance of longer and more voluminous lashes.
  7. 10 Large Silicone Shields: For clients with longer lashes, the Large Silicone Shields are perfect. They provide a gentle lift, enhancing the curl and adding drama to the lashes.
  8. LLX Lash Isolation Tool: Achieve precise and clean lash separation with the LLX Lash Isolation Tool. This professional-grade tool allows you to isolate each individual lash, ensuring accurate application and preventing lashes from sticking together.
  9. LLX 10 x Y Combs: The LLX Y Combs are specifically designed to help separate and define lashes after the lifting process. These combs ensure each lash is perfectly separated and beautifully fanned out for a natural and glamorous look.
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