• Henna Couture Rosewater Fixing Lotion

Henna Couture Rosewater Fixing Lotion

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Henna Couture Rosewater Fixing Lotion

Henna Couture Rosewater Fixing Lotion harnesses the power of the rose sourced from Moroccan fields famous for growing this organic and beautiful ingredient.

The amazing Henna Fixing Lotion with Rosewater doesn't only smell divine, it has been formulated with elements from rose petals that help carry the henna dye deep into the skin, for longer-lasting results.

How to use:
Mix 25-30 drops of Henna Couture Rosewater Fixing Lotion with one measuring spoon of Henna Couture Brow Henna and stir until smooth.

Great product match: The Henna Couture Tea Tree Cleanser to ensure maximum adherence of Henna dye.


How much can I charge for a Henna service?

$75-$110 including tint, depending on location and what other salons are charging in your area.

Will training be available for Henna Couture?

Up to date online training by Lash Extend the company that has created Henna Couture. There are two Downloadable videos covering a theory session as well as a step by step application process.  There is also a handbook both in hard copy and downloadable version that you can reprint if needed. Both the videos and the handbook form part of the Henna Couture Introductory offer.

Barneys will also be offering training sessions at our Burwood training room, please visit the Barneys Beauty Training Courses Page for more information.

What happens in a treatment?

Eyebrows are thoroughly cleaned, brows are mapped and measured to ensure the perfect shape, henna is then applied.  Eyebrows are waxed as the final process.

Are there any aftercare procedures?

Henna takes approximately 24 hours to develop fully.                                      

  • No rubbing the eyes
  • Keep the eyes dry
  • No eye cream
  • No mascara
  • No swimming
  • No saunas or steam baths or gym workouts


About Henna Couture

Henna Couture by Lash Extend offers the perfect way to create stunning eyebrows.

The unique formulation of the Henna range by Lash Extend is made up of 88% natural Henna sourced in India. The Henna powders are a mix of high quality Indian Henna and synthetic pigments to ensure long-lasting colour that doesn't fade. It takes 5 to 20 minutes to take effect and leaves a tint on the skin for up to 2 weeks.

The Henna Couture range consists of five cool tones and a Golden Brown tone designed for blonde and warm blonde hair colour.

Complementing the range is the Tea Tree Cleanser, Rosewater Fixing Lotion and Tint Remover.

This range is for the lash professional and it is recommended training is undertaken to ensure an effective treatment service. Explore the training on offer at Barneys Salon Supplies.

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