• Flat Lash Extension Cleaning Brush

Flat Lash Extension Cleaning Brush

Barneys Salon Supplies

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  • Flat Lash Extension Cleaning Brush
  • Super Soft
  • Ideal for achieving clean lashes
  • 9.5cm long x approx 1cm wide

Salon Tip:  Ideal Gift when a new client comes in for a full set of lashes  You can up-sell a Lash Extension Cleanser to go with the brush.

Retail Tip:  Recommended Retail $9.50 (amazing mark-up) or package with Lash Extension Cleanser!

Service Tip:  Start of each lash appointment using the Cleansing Brush and Lash Extension Shampoo or Foam followed by primer to ensure lash retention and help your clients maintain healthy, clean lash extension prior to their next appointment.

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