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Barneys Demineralised Water - 10L Bottle


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    Barneys Demineralised Water is produced using the latest technologies in a fully certified state of the art facility in Melbourne. Certified by HACCP, GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 22716 and other quality control management systems. 

    Demineralised or Distilled water must be used for many machines and devices or Warranty could be Voided. Demineralised Water is recommended and should be used with the following machines; 

    Autoclave machines, equipment used within the beauty industry such as Facial Steamers, IPL & Laser and other Aesthetic devices. 


    Leading suppliers of equipment recommend either Demineralised or Distilled water. 


    “Distillation and Demineralization are forms of water purification, using different methods to achieve this.  Distilled water is an effective process and removes 99.9% of contaminants, including minerals and salt ions from water.  Demineralized water removes all minerals leaving water 100% pure. Both processes  create deionization of water, making both Distilled and Demineralized water suitable and safe for use in Aesthetic devices.” 


    Cherie Charalambous 

    Dermal Educator 

    The Global Beauty Group 


    Purified Water 

    Demineralised or Deionised water, also known as DI water, is a form of water that is deeply demineralised.  Highly pure, it is produced using ion exchange resins that can remove ions from water. Deionised water is used in tandem with a reverse osmosis to ensure all contaminates are properly eliminated in the process of purification. 

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