• Anti-Dust Hepa Filter - Pack of 10
  • Anti-Dust Hepa Filter - Pack of 10
  • Anti-Dust Hepa Filter - Pack of 10
  • Anti-Dust Hepa Filter - Pack of 10

Anti-Dust Hepa Filter - Pack of 10


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A note for customers in the current climate: We have added this product for people who wish to use this mask for the need of extra filtration. The Copper mask itself has been tested by institutes overseas. It has been found sufficient for filtration against aerosol and droplet particle transmission. We strongly advocate its use in conjunction with excellent hand hygiene and physical distancing and remind customers that they cannot rely on this solely for the prevention of any disease. We make no claims against the prevention of virus transmission, however wish to educate and provide a product that is excellent in its ability for filtration. 

Features: In addition to the Copper Mask, the Anti-Dust HEPA filter increases the filtration rating of the Copper Mask from KF80 (80% of ~0.6-0.3μm particles) to the equivalent KF94 (Rough US equivalent of PM 2.5 - see the difference here on "SmartFilters - What are the differences?) 

The Anti-Dust HEPA filters allow higher filtration rating as they have been tested against Parrafin Oil - see Tests page. Our masks function well solely without them. 

These Anti-Dust HEPA filters are SINGLE USE only. They are not reusable or washable - if they are washed, they will be rendered unusable. 

Includes: 10x Anti Dust HEPA Filters for the Copperline Face Mask 

Material: Non-woven Fabric 

Sizing: XS, S/M (One size fits both Small and Medium mask sizes), L 

Country of Origin: All materials from trusted suppliers and ethically sourced in South Korea. 


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