• Barneys Quick Dry Spray - 1 Litre

Barneys Quick Dry Spray - 1 Litre


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LS911-1000 QDS

Quick Dry Nail Polish Spray is an alcohol free formula that uses clever silicone technology to help nail polish dry faster delivering a solid, glossy film surface.

There are plenty of myths to help you dry your nails faster. Ice baths, hair driers, cooking spray! The facts are that polish is a wondrous invention that turns a liquid into a solid in a matter of minutes simply by blending film forming solids with fast drying, evaporating solvents. By applying the polish to a dry, clean surface, the solvents evaporate and the solids become solid leaving a shiny, colourful coat of polish. Then fact #2 kicks in, where drying time is a direct result of the thickness of the coat. If you double the thickness of the coat, you quadruple the drying time! Alcohol Free Quick Dry Spray uses clever emollients that increase the viscosity of the film and lower surface tension, promoting evaporation as well as coating the colour film to prevent smudges and dents.

As well as helping nail polish to dry faster, Alcohol Free Quick Dry Spray delivers a protective coat to the glossy colour in a low odour and non-flammable formulation.

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