• Barneys Wheat Heat Pack Extra Long

Barneys Wheat Heat Pack Extra Long


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These strong and durable Wheat Bags are a must for both in-salon treatments and a great retail product for your customers especially after a massage!

Wheat Bags can be used for a range of in-salon treatments including massage, body treatments, facials, pedicures and manicures.  Shower your clients with extra pampering by offering a Wheat Bag as part of your winter salon protocol.  Winter in many parts of Australia can be cold and damp, having a warm Wheat Bag will not only enhance treatments but will also guarantee your clients return for another treatment and tell their friends!

The Extra Long Wheat Bag is great when clients are lying down, facials, massage and body treatments.  The extra length gives clients more relief and pampering and can be moved to different parts of the body during the treatment.

 Our Wheat Bags make a great retail product as most of us suffer from stress related tightness and discomfort and wheat bags make a safer option that water bottles or similar.

Barneys Wheat Bags can be used year around, they can be used as a cooling treat during the warmer summer months by placing in a sealed plastic bag and stored in the refrigerator or freezer for an hour or more.


  • Hot or cold wheat pack
  • Professional quality corduroy fabric
  • Perfect for neck and shoulders
  • Pamper your clients during facials, massage, pedicures or manicures
  • Approximately 55cm x 12cm
  • Ideal retail product RRP$49.95


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