• b.tan I want the darkest tan possible

b.tan I want the darkest tan possible


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    i want the darkest tan possible...
    1 hour dark brown pro spray mist. when you're ready to come over to the dark side.
    750mL | 25.36 fl oz | 14% dha
    1hr development, leave on 4+hrs for CRAZY dark
    let's cut to the chase, we know you want to b.tanned. We know you want to look hot...ready for those insta selfies. so we wont waffle about the amazing dark results; the name pretty much says it all. just use this product and have an awesome DARK tan instantly. simple.
    hey! make me a B.U.B! (bronzed up babe) #btanBUB
    first things first. get naked. or at least naked enough for your sexy bits to be tanned. make sure your skin is clean, well exfoliated, and dry. apply the pro spray mist with the B.U.B personal spray tan unit, or any professional machine evenly & smoothly. rinse in one hour for a deep natural tan, or go crazy and leave it on for 4+ hours to get that 'just back from backpacking in the sun' look

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