• b.tan BUB (bronzed up b*tch) Personal Tanner

b.tan BUB (bronzed up b*tch) Personal Tanner


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easy pro portable spray tan machine at home and on the go.
plug in the B.U.B personal tanner, set phasers to ‘tan’, and get ready to airbrush yourself into bronzed oblivion.

8 crazy levels of spray control, go light, or go dark dark dark

smooth flow for a sexy professional finish

express yourself emoji sheet included

2yr manufacturer warranty

hey! make me a B.U.B! (bronzed up b*tch) #btanBUB

How to use

1 - plug in your new B.U.B personal tanner and add b.tan solution to cup.

2 - it’s portable, so whenever the need to tan arises, you can be there. like a tan super hero.

3 - after coating yourself with awesome, rinse after the time on the bottle.


size: w: 90mm/3.5” L: 150mm/5.9” H: 25mm/9.8”

weight: 800g/1.7lbs

power/airflow: 18000rpm

noise: 45-65db

power cord: 3m/9.8’

cup capacity: 125ml/4.2floz

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