• Artistic Nail Design Putty Master Kit

Artistic Nail Design Putty - Master Kit

Artistic Nail Design

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      MASTER KIT -Includes: Translucent, Bright White, Blush Pink, Nude Concealer, 240ml Shaping Liquid, 60ml Nail Surface Cleanser, pH Nail Prep, Opening Act, No Cleanse Sealer, Putty Pro Tool, 4 Tube Keys PRE-ORDER ONLY

      Putty۪s revolutionary formulation combines acrylic powder for strength in a premixed gel base with photo initiators providing blazingly fast, natural looking overlays and supernatural nail extensions with no monomer odour.

      Overlay, extend, shape and mend: Play as long as you want with Putty! Leave scorching hot gel curing in your rear view mirror. Putty۪s PolyGel technology lets you ditch the heat spikes.

      For natural looking and feeling nails that really convince, Putty is significantly lighter than acrylics and hard gels!

      More strength than hard gels and more rule-bending flexibility than acrylics!

      Putty files fast with less airborne dust than acrylics and hard gels for a cleaner salon environment.

    Creates a salon experience suitable for even the most selective spas.

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