• Alki Love Natural Alkaline Bottled Water 600ml

Alki Love Natural Alkaline Bottled Water 600ml

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Meet Alki Love and begin your true romance with high alkaline (pH 7.9) Australian Bottled Water.

Unique high alkaline formulation - reduce harmful acidity in your gut while strengthening your bones and immunity.

Pure pristine source - Alki Love water is top quality right from the start, being drawn from one of the Australia's finest natural springs - the renowned Black Mount Spring.

Pioneering double filtration - our special double ozone filtration process transformed premium Black Mount Spring water into Alki Love. Impurity free. Antioxidant rich. Fully loaded with essential minerals like calcium, magnesium and many more!

Why Acidity is so bad for your body: for just one little word this force can certainly be a big troublemaker in your body. An excess amount of acid in the body can result in pesky symptoms and various chronic diseases including frequent colds, flu, rashes, persistent allergies, inflammation, acid reflux and more serious ailments.

Alkaline-rich water drives down excessive acidic content in the stomach and gastro-intestinal tract. That means you can take a big step to neutralise acidity and regulate pH levels in your body. Consuming alkaline water and foods is your easiest and most effective way to feel better, stay healthier and look younger.

    • Natural Alkaline
    • Optimum alkaline ph level
    • Natural mixture of minerals
    • Natural Electrolytes
    • Proudly Australian Owned

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